'I.Systems', the technology startup company of 1 billion dol


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'I.Systems', the technology startup company of 1 billion dollars?

A technological startup company, 'I.Systems', created by four brazilian guys, Igor Santiago, Leonardo Freitas, Ronaldo and Danilo Halla, settled at Unicamp, São Paulo- Brazil, started with the entrepreneurial spirit and paradigm of the rich spirit of people's culture, although poor northeastern region of Brazil: "brown sugar is sweet but it is not soft". And the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley, "Think big, start small"(*).

The Leaf software - software for industrial automation, has been developed with fuzzy logic, according to Igor Santiago, "the Leaf represents an increase of about 100 years for the technology process known as Proportional, Integral and Derivative (PID), created at the end of nineteenth century and still used today in almost 100% of industrial automated systems. ".

The fuzzy logic solution, wide application, flexible, stable, requires no prior knowledge of the phenomena involved, but their use has been limited by the complexity of defining a large number of empirical rules. And take huge advantage compared to the other two forms of automatically controlling an industrial process: Mathematical Modeling and Neural Networks (http://www.is-brasil.com/solucao/).

The big difference is that the Leaf does not need historical data processes or some knowledge in artificial intelligence. The configuration of the controller with Fuzzy requires only the minimum, average and maximum sensors (temperature, pressure and flow) and actuators (valves, pumps and motors). This information is readily obtainable from own operations or equipment specifications, so in just one day, you can configure a controller advanced industrial processes. The Leaf automatically generates thousands of fuzzy rules, creating a multivariable controller stable.

The first test in the Cola-Cola factory in Jundiaí, in 2010, reduced to 31% losses due to rejection, the level variations of the injected liquid, and 42% by bubbling, which is the formation of bubbles of carbon dioxide. The system implemented in the factory possible to simultaneously control valves, pressure and flow rate of the bottling line and generate economy 500 thousand liters of soft drinks and 100 thousand PET bottles per year.

It is also interesting to note that in the interview in Santiago Igor Brasilagro (video below), found the company early access easier to demonstrate and sell the innovation potential of the Leaf software, the Brazilian sugar industry, normally considered the "status quo" the conventional wisdom, more conservative, compared with the large global industrial companies, considered the most innovative.

According to Fernando Reinach, "The fund Pitanga decided to invest in I.Systems because the company has developed a new way of using fuzzy logic in a process of adjustment of industrial automation. It is an innovative solution that does not exist anywhere in the world. There are companies that make industrial automation, but none have this kind of solution. In the case of the product of I.Systems the potential market is any industry in the world. "

The company I.Systems without competitor in Brazil own innovation and 'know how' technology to compete in the world market, is preparing the muscles and breath with injection of capital and seeking global partners to compete with the large industrial area such as Siemens and General Electric. "We are evaluating whether we apply the patent of our technology in Brazil or abroad or work with key industrial markets in the U.S., Asia and Europe," says Santiago.

The startup investor, Vinod Khosla, who is this road more than three decades in the 80s with the creation of SUN Microsystem facing the IBM Mainframe in 90 bet on IP protocol when no one bet. Khosla tells the story that in 1998, offered by only a few hundred thousand dollars, the search software of the young Larry and Sergei for a company, but the prospective buyer declined the offer, arguing that the search engines could not profit and that it was a commodity market, was when Larry and Sergei, decided to create the company GOOGLE, a billion dollar company.

The genes I.System entrepreneurs founders, back in his paradigm of birth, that spirit, therefore, the global industrial sky is the limit. The company reach a billion dollars or more, it is a question of solution strategy to market and time, innovative values and ideals of the founders, are intangibles, is priceless.

Between "The Lollipop Science" by Tom Zé, the dream of the Brazilian scientist, Miguel Nicolelis, turn northeast Brazil in the "Brazilian California", as Laymert Garcia dos Santos, who is 30 years old today, in Brazil and in the world , is a challenge and an opportunity very interesting about the changes that are glimpsed ahead, I'll pretend that I'm not sure what age he speaks, because my experience in the 50, but with the energy and spirit in "lyra of 20", I added another thought, by Samuel Ullman, "Youth is not a time of life - it is a state of mind", if the boat does not turn, we will get there.

(*) "Think big, start small," the spirit of the entrepreneurial culture of the American west coast, the Califonia Dreams of Silicon Valley, the beatnik culture influences the anti-materialist left of the 50s and 60s, which influenced the literature, culture, society, and the technological revolution that reaches us, the "Collective Intelligence".

The entrepreneurial spirit that supplanted the traditional culture of the east coast of the U.S. Northeast, Yale, Harvard and MTI in the last half century, but it is a story that begins in the nineteenth century, with Stanford Univ., See article in English that has this rich history : GROWTH OF A SILICON EMPIRE / Bay Area's fertile intellectual ground Helped sprout high technology industry, by Henry Norr, Published December 27, 1999.

Those who lives, you will see!


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